Mammal Fossils

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Manatee 1.JPG (28952 bytes)         Manatee 2.JPG (30232 bytes)
  Adult Tooth               Juvenile Tooth


Baby Whale 1st Vertebrae.JPG (27343 bytes)
Baby Whale Atlas Vertebra





Rhino Tooth A.JPG (78355 bytes)      Rhino Tooth B.JPG (79619 bytes)
Rhinoceros Tooth


Brontotherium.JPG (144737 bytes)
Brontotherium Skull

Brontotherium Molar Side.JPG (47299 bytes)      Brontotherium Molar Top.JPG (66250 bytes)
Brontotherium Molar

Brontotherium Vertebra.JPG (132939 bytes)
Brontotherium Vertebra


brontops.jpg (115453 bytes)
Brontops Skull

Brontotherium Incisor with complete root B.JPG (40501 bytes)Brontotherium Incisor with complete root C.JPG (36538 bytes)Brontotherium Incisor with complete root A.JPG (38870 bytes)
Brontops Incisor

giant ground sloth

Giant Ground Sloth.JPG (171252 bytes)
Giant Ground Sloth Skull

Giant Ground Sloth Claw Core.JPG (245310 bytes)
Cast of Giant Claw Core

Ground Sloth Claw Core a.JPG (66423 bytes)      Ground Sloth Claw Core b.JPG (61173 bytes)
Claw Core 2 3/4" and First Digit 1 13/16"

Platybedon Adult Side.JPG (84803 bytes)          Platybedon Adult Top.JPG (95464 bytes)
(Side View)   Adult Tooth   (Top View)

Platybedon Juvenile 2 Side.JPG (59792 bytes)     Platybedon Juvenile 2 Top.JPG (64535 bytes)     Platybedon Juvenile 1 Side.JPG (60362 bytes)     Platybedon Juvenile 1 Top.JPG (54483 bytes)
(Side View)        (Top View)  Juvenile Teeth   (Side View)       (Top View)


Bison Axis Vertebrae.JPG (40973 bytes)          Bison Vertebra.JPG (66288 bytes)
Bison Axis Vertebra        Bison Vertebra    
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Juv bison 1 Ab.JPG (24976 bytes)Juv bison 1 Bb.JPG (28515 bytes)           Juv bison 2 Ab.JPG (67515 bytes)Juv bison 2 Bb.JPG (53733 bytes)
Juvenile Bison Vertebra                           Juvenile Bison Vertebra

giant peccary

Giant Peccary Tooth Side.JPG (143617 bytes)     Giant Peccary Tooth Top.JPG (76580 bytes)

Giant Peccary Molar

Giant Peccary Insisor Front.JPG (28721 bytes)     Giant Peccary Insisor Back.JPG (29026 bytes)
Giant Peccary Incisor


Pony (Guitar) Vertebra.JPG (114538 bytes)          Horse Front Tooth.JPG (19302 bytes)
   Pony Vertebra          Front Tooth
Present for my Guitar          1 3/4"       
Playing Brother Steve     (Leisey Shell Pit)

Horse Molar 1.JPG (28790 bytes)          Horse Molar 2.JPG (60403 bytes)
Horse Molar                 Horse Molar
(Peace River)

Horse Unruptured Ab.JPG (55548 bytes)      Horse Unruptured Bb.JPG (59618 bytes)
Rare Unruptured Horse Tooth

White Horse Tooth Large B.JPG (31407 bytes)  White Horse Tooth Large A.JPG (31231 bytes)     Two White Horse Teeth A.JPG (34945 bytes)  Two White Horse Teeth B.JPG (36241 bytes)
     Front Tooth                                       Two Front Teeth


Camel A 1b.JPG (40381 bytes)Camel B 1b.JPG (40764 bytes)           Camel 2 Ab.JPG (48671 bytes)Camel 2 Bb.JPG (51869 bytes)
Miocene Camel Molar                                   Camel Tooth      

wild boar

Boar Atlas Bottom 70p.JPG (76413 bytes)Boar Atlas Top 70p.JPG (72528 bytes)          Boar Vertebra Bottom 70p.JPG (74428 bytes)Boar Vertebra Top 70p.JPG (81043 bytes)
Boar Atlas Vertebra                                    Boar Vertebra    


Tapir Incisor.JPG (31650 bytes)          Tapir Molar.JPG (35591 bytes)
Tapir Incisor                 Tapir Molar
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Tapir Ab.JPG (41730 bytes)Tapir Bb.JPG (34930 bytes)
Tapir Molar


Glyptodont.JPG (106651 bytes)
Glyptodont Skull

Glyptodont Scutes.JPG (151945 bytes)
Glyptodont Scutes
-Armor Plating -
(Found in the Peace River)

Glyptodont Scute Small.JPG (15222 bytes)
Small Glyptodont Scute
(Peace River)


Giant Armadillo Scute.JPG (40439 bytes)          Giant Armadillo Scute 2.JPG (43963 bytes)          Giant Armadillo Scute 3.JPG (38216 bytes)          Giant Armadillo Scute 4.JPG (24444 bytes)
Armor Plating               Armor Plating               Armor Plating               Armor Plating
(Found in the Peace River)

Armadillo Scute.JPG (9389 bytes)
Armor Plating Section

deer - antelope


Coyote 1.JPG (23235 bytes)
Coyote Tooth 5/8"

(Sheep Like Animal)

oreodont 2 top.JPG (81911 bytes)     oreodont 2 bottom.JPG (105571 bytes)           Oreodont 1 Top.JPG (101823 bytes)     Oreodont 1 Bottom.JPG (122587 bytes)
Top     1st Skull - 6 1/2"     Bottom                Top      2nd Skull - 7 1/2"     Bottom
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