Ruck's Crystal Mine

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Ruck's Rock and Shell Pit  (aka Ruck's Crystal Mine) in Fort Drum, Florida

The Fascinating Ever Changing Landscapes

January 15, 2008

The main pit transformed into an expansive lake

December 28, 2006

Evening after a good day at the Prospecting area

July 16, 2006

Cool sky after a very hot day in the new prospecting area - 95 degrees

March 26, 2006

The last day the Main Pit was open to the public was on my birthday - I was there

March 5, 2006

Great finds by some fellow collectors in the last few weeks before the pit closes

January 15, 2006

My office


August 7, 2004

Rucks 6.JPG (248973 bytes)

Rucks 1.JPG (209663 bytes)

Rucks 2.JPG (240522 bytes)

Rucks 3.JPG (211068 bytes)

Rucks 5.JPG (251890 bytes)

Rucks 4.JPG (160314 bytes)

Rucks 7.JPG (166190 bytes)

Rucks 8.JPG (103215 bytes)    Rucks 10.JPG (120965 bytes)

Rucks 9.JPG (151709 bytes)    Rucks 11.JPG (216964 bytes)

The Calcite Crystals

An Amazing Isolated Cluster - found by some new friends on 12/28/06

The Shells

The shells that come from the layer below the Calcitized Clam's in Ruck's pit are of amazing quality.
There are about 150 identified species from this 3 million year old fossil layer
and only a select group are presented below:

Cowry Shell - View 1

Cowry Shell - View 2

Tulip shell

Tiny Shells

Two Different Olives

Olive Shell

Another Olive Variety

Rare shells - two Ventrilias, two Massyla ventustas and one Trossulasalpinx kissimmeensis

The Bones and Teeth

The fossil bones and teeth that come from Ruck's pit are of amazing quality and they often exhibit
an incredible smooth chocolate color.  Only a sampling of the variety that can be found are presented here.
Some of the animals who remains can be found are Horses, Turtles, Crocodiles, Fish, Predatory mammals,
Mammoths, Mastodons, Whales.  Oddly enough, shark's teeth are very rare in the pit.
I'm sure many other animal species are awaiting discovery at Ruck's as Florida's fossil history is rich and diverse.

Mammal Bone - View 1

Mammal Bone - View 2

Two Associated Snake Vertebra

Fish Tooth

Reptile Claw

Fully Rooted Mammal Molar

Gar Fish Scales

Large Crocodile Tooth

Assorted Crocodile Teeth

Partial Baby Mastodon Tooth

Small Section of Mammoth Tusk - note the curve

Turtle Leg Spurs

Assorted Shark Teeth

Front Horse Tooth

Fully Rooted Horse Molar - 3.5 inches - View 1

Fully Rooted Horse Molar - View 2

An assortment from the pit

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