Three Dimensional

Welcome to my Dreamworlds - Scott Augutis




3 Vert totem Dscf0084.JPG (113434 bytes)   3 Vert Totem detail bottom 40p Dscf0103.JPG (71357 bytes)   3 Vert Totem detail top 40p Dscf0102.JPG (79769 bytes)   3 Goth Wall 2 50p Dscf0078.JPG (116171 bytes)   3 Goth Wall 50p Dscf0104.JPG (96370 bytes)
Vertebral Totem                                                                Goth Wall

3 Large palm green 60p dscf0095.JPG (224364 bytes)   3 Art Deco 60p dscf0087.JPG (159984 bytes)   3 Castle 50p Dscf0085.JPG (89080 bytes)    3 Dreamcatcher 50p Dscf0086.JPG (134106 bytes)   3 Small palm 75p Dscf0076.JPG (119333 bytes)

3 Skull and feathers staff 50p Dscf0094.JPG (118062 bytes)    3 Skull matrix 50p angle Dscf0100.JPG (124451 bytes)    3 Skull matrix type 2 50p Dscf0082.JPG (66795 bytes)    3 Skull matrix 50p dscf0081.JPG (107317 bytes)    3 Blade staff 50p dscf0093.JPG (104232 bytes)
Skull Staff          Skull Matrix            Skull Matrix            Skull Matrix           Blade Staff

dscf0190 Gold matrix detail 2.JPG (86543 bytes)    Dscf0166 Gold Skull Matrix.JPG (32070 bytes)     Dscf0163 Gold Skull Matrix2.JPG (55719 bytes)     dscf0191 Gold matrix detail.JPG (81816 bytes)
Detail      -      Gold Skull Matrix       -      Detail

   3 Spider blades side 2 60p Dscf0097.JPG (176907 bytes)   3 Spider blades front 50p dscf0083.JPG (116832 bytes)  Dscf0188 Spiderblades with shadows.JPG (117527 bytes) 3 Spider blades side 50p Dscf0097.JPG (129323 bytes)  
Spider Blades

ImpossibleDoor.jpg (63253 bytes)    ImpossibleDoor2.jpg (53854 bytes)    wall.jpg (78981 bytes)    Castleatnight.JPG (17464 bytes)    CastleFog2.jpg (32862 bytes)    castle.jpg (58232 bytes)
Impossible Door     Above the Door         Bony Wall             Night Castle              Castle Fog               Castle         
        1982                       1982                     1993                     1981                         1981                    1981         

ImpossibleDoor3.jpg (54865 bytes)    The models.jpg (90078 bytes)    Landsculpture.JPG (14617 bytes)    Landsculpture2.JPG (19786 bytes)    Landsculpture3.JPG (16725 bytes)    Zynchron Orbitor.JPG (14944 bytes)
Impossible Door 2      The Models         Landsculpture        Landsculpture2        Landsculpture3    Zynchron-orbitorcopyright.jpg (812 bytes)*
       1982                       1982                      1983                      1983                    1983                   on the steps     

Mini-staff.jpg (24369 bytes)    Zio-methicon Blade.JPG (18027 bytes)                       Turret2bw.JPG (73540 bytes)                     Piece of TLOCB.JPG (37158 bytes)    Zynchron-Orbitor.jpg (48681 bytes)
    Mini-staff       Zio-methicon Bladecopyright.jpg (812 bytes)*                       Floating                        From 'The Land   Zynchron-Orbitorcopyright.jpg (812 bytes)*
     1998                    1986                                         Turret                          of Magic Crystal            1986            
                                                                            10/2000                             Bubblescopyright.jpg (812 bytes)'                                   

* These are two 'magical tools' I created long ago for the wizard Ditheamerolcopyright.jpg (812 bytes).  Ditheamerol is the tall one on the 'Dreamworld' comic book cover in 'Ink Drawings'.  He stands along with Kirell, the Pron-Orbcopyright.jpg (812 bytes) and three Skeeblescopyright.jpg (812 bytes) (Zeam, Orgle and Vrog) in their special body suits.  The blade was designed in the comic to absorb and transmit energy; the orbitor stored the energy temporarily in a field which rotated about the top crystal bubble, the pron-orb (a floating fifth dimensional entity) acted as a doorway between our world and the infinite potential of imagination.   Together they offered the possibility of many wonderful potential adventures for the characters.  Initially constructed from common items, the tools would then evolve to attain their true indivisable states (or so I surmised years ago).  Although I started a previous comic idea when I was in elementary school about a wise guy robot who would usually succeed in his missions only in pieces, the Dreamworld comic was inspired in part by my meeting the creators of 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' near the beginning of their amazing trip.


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